Natural Prebiotic for Oral Probiotics. Help to Maintain a Lasting Nasal/Sinus Health.

Breathe Through Four Seasons!

It’s the time of the year again. Your nose is runny and stuffed up. Your eyes are red, itchy and watery. Your throat hurts and you’re just so tired all the time.

Most people blame their symptoms on the pollen in the air. But allergies are not caused by pollen.

Dr. Cliff Han has Created AllerPops prebiotic lollipops that can help maintain healthy functioning of the immune system.

Basically, allergy mean your immune system is attacking even when there isn’t a real threat.

Normally, healthy bacteria calms the immune system and prevents it from launching an attack when there is no real threat. (Pollen can’t hurt you… but when you have allergies, your immune system is in a fighting mode.)

AllerPops (US Pat No._9,795,579) are prebiotic lollipops that introduce good bacteria back into your system. Your natural defenses will calm down, and you can breathe easier.

You’ll love the sweet smooth taste of AllerPops. They’re made from all natural food ingredients, have minimal side effects and the results are long lasting. Order yours today.