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How to Raise an Allergy-free Child

How to Raise an Allergy-free Child

Mission: Seed the child’s microbial communities with ones from mother, father, and sibling, NOT with ones from dog or cat or environment…


1. Give birth naturally.

2. Confine baby for at least for a month, for minimal a week with mother together. (Traditionally in China, a baby is confined for the first100 days and together the mother for the first month)

3. Breastfeeding.

4. Sleep with the baby in the same bed.

5. Not bath in first week (gentle wipe openings with wet cloth should be sufficient). Not bath too frequently afterwards. Sweating is not a reason for a bath. Sweat produces conditions, such as high salt concentration, that promote and sustain skin probiotics.

6. Mouth feeding to add foods from 2-3 months (with these sequences: water, soup, semisolid and then solid; starch-rich food, nuts, protein-rich and then veggies). Adult-chewed food is easy for baby to digest, prevent infection, help establish oral and gut microbiota, likely prevent allergies. The caregiver should have no acute infection when doing mouth feeding.

7. Eat AllerPops Prebiotic Lollipops AFTER taking antibiotics, and the targeted disease is cured.