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Biologist Dr. Cliff Han Presents the Theory behind AllerPops at Cold Spring Harbor Asia Conference: Frontiers of Immunology in Health & Disease

SUZHOU, ChinaSept. 18, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — Creator and founder of the all-natural AllerPops allergy remedy ( recently presented his theories related to allergies and their genesis to an expert international audience. Dr. Han’s research is based on a single yet profound premise: allergies are reversible. Using prebiotics to promote probiotic solutions, Han offers a new and simple way to tackle the worldwide problem of seasonal allergies.

Based on the research performed to find relief for both he and his son’s allergies, Dr. Han unlocked an unexpected secret to the formation of allergies. The discovery led Han to the formation of a prebiotic compound as a way to apply his Theory of Negative Trigger (TNT) to help people take control of their allergies in completely unique way.

TNT expounds on prebiotic stimulation of probiotic interaction in a variety of bacteria naturally present within the oral cavity, specifically: streptococcus and veillonella. Research shows that veillonella and streptococcus are mutualists which produce short chain fatty acids (SCFA). These SCFAs pacify the immune system. Since allergies are related to the unchecked action of the immune system in response to allergens, increased SCFAs should reduce allergic response to allergens and in turn lead to the elimination of unpleasant allergy symptoms.

Dr. Han’s research clearly indicates exactly that. Overall, subjects with increased levels of veillonella present within saliva samples were found to have marked lower instances of allergic response to seasonal allergens. Using Dr. Han’s prebiotic formula, oral probiotics were then specifically increased in subjects with allergies. Those subjects subsequently reported that their allergies were far less severe and, in some cases, eliminated altogether. There is a direct correlation between the level of specific probiotics present within subjects and a decrease in seasonal allergic responses.

TNT describes a general relationship between microbiota and the human immune system. The mechanism is likely evolved for human body to survival peacefully in the world full of bacteria when there is no danger by keeping immune system in control and to have a protective fight at time of invasion of pathogens by releasing the power of immune system promptly. Applying TNT to everyday life, Dr. Han also asserts that:

  • Maintaining low-level fevers is more beneficial than eliminating them.
  • Infants and children should receive their seed microbiota from parents and siblings, not pets or general environments.
  • Periodic fasting to boost the immune system might be beneficial (similar to the benefits received from a sauna).
  • Correct hygiene practices and a good diet can help maintain the proper level of probiotics from the inside out: intestinal tract, respiratory tract and skin.
  • Probiotics should always be reseeded and promoted after severe interruptions in the microbiota (from antibiotic use, illness, etc.).
  • The microbiota switch attached to the power of the immune system may be manipulated readily at will, possibly having other clinical applications such as other allergies, autoimmune diseases, inflammations and perhaps cancer treatment.

About Knoze Jr. and AllerPops

AllerPops from Knoze Jr. is a product developed by Cliff Han. A trained physician in China, Han later worked in the Los Alamos National Laboratory for two decades as a biologist. Suffering from personal, debilitating allergies, Han decided to craft the perfect natural solution: an easy-to-eat lollipop that contains a mixture of prebiotics which encourage healthy flora growth in the body. Using the same logic that fuels the current probiotics food trend of yogurts and smoothies, Han’s patented allergy candy facilitates the growth of the body’s own natural flora; thus encouraging the delicate balance of microorganisms which can help ameliorate allergic reactions. Learn more about Knoze Jr. and AllerPops at

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