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Los Alamos Co-Op Now Offers AllerPops

The Los Alamos Co-Op now offers locally made AllerPops in its supplement section. 

AllerPops are prebiotic lollipops that relieve allergy symptoms like nasal congestion, throat irritation and red itchy eyes by promoting a healthy respiratory tract and healthy immune system. 

“I’m looking forward to offering AllerPops at the Co-Op,” Co-Op’s Wellness Manager Diane Delvin said. “They’re super local and allergy season is coming. I hope they do well.” 

AllerPops were developed by Cliff Han, Ph.D., a medical doctor and biologist who worked at the Los Alamos National Lab for 18 years before starting his business, Knoze Jr. in 2014. Just before starting his business, Han’s 1-year-old son got allergies. He made it his mission to find the underlying reason people get allergies so that he could create a remedy that actually solves the problem rather than just cover it up. When he got allergies, too, he found the opportunity to find the answers he was looking for. He started studying himself, and soon unlocked the unexpected secret to allergies.

From that research he developed his Theory of Negative Triggers (TNT) led to the development of AllerPops. With AllerPops, Han’s family finally got relief from their allergy symptoms. People who have tried it are thrilled with the results, because after only one treatment they no longer need allergy pills, get shots or suffer through the allergy season. 

Look for AllerPops at the Los Alamos Co-Op at 95 Entrada Dr., in Los Alamos. To find out more about AllerPops, visit

You can find AllerPops in the supplement section.