AllerPops® for Yearly Allergy Relief

Does it work?
What’s in it?
How to use it?
What are its functions?
Why does it work (the cause of allergies)?
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Does it work?

Yes, more than 90% of our customers got long-term (a season or longer) allergy relief.  View the Testimonials – See how other people got their lives back with AllerPops® (Knoze Jr) Prebiotic Lollipops.

What’s in it?

AllerPops® are made with a patented formula of natural food ingredients, a variety of sugars, amino acids and so on. These are nutrients that targeted probiotics prefer. NO bacteria is added. According to previous studies, >99% people have the probiotics that AllerPops promote. See the back of package for the full list of ingredients.

How to use it?

Read the User’s Manual or watch the demo video to see how easy it is to use.

What are the functions?*

  • LONG-LASTING ALLERGY RELIEF. No matter, if you have seasonal or yearlong allergies reacting to pollen, dust mite, mold or pets, AllerPops will correct the underline cause for the hypersensitivity of your immune system.
  • HIGHLY EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT in relieving allergy symptoms such as a runny nose, sore throat, headaches, coughing, irritated throat, red eyes, etc. Because AllerPops make stable corrections in the oral microbiome that causes allergies, the relief will be long-lasting until the promoted oral probiotics are suppressed by antibiotics, excessive oral hygiene or community drift of microbiota.*
  • BREATHE BETTER. Do you have difficulty to sleep due to the stuffy nose? AllerPops will invite your old friends-beneficial bacteria back into your nasal/oral cavity. They are billions of micro-servants that will keep your airway clear and open all the time, day and night.*
  • PURE NATURE: Made with a patented formula of natural ingredients including sugars, amino acids, fibers, salts that are the favored food for the targeted oral probiotics.*
  • No need for continuous use after allergies are gone.
  • Minimal side effects.
  • Not for food allergy.

Why does it work?

AllerPops® Prebiotic (food for probiotics) Lollipops have been designed based on the newly-found secret of allergies. (Read the story about the discovering journey on Los Alamos Daily Post)

And the secret is that not having enough oral (not gut) probiotics causes allergies. These probiotics produce metabolites – signals to tell the immune system to calm down. AllerPops® promote these probiotics to grow. The probiotics are generally stable, stay at its level for a long time, and make the allergy relief last until next significant disruption. The forces that suppress oral probiotics include 1) intensive oral hygiene, especially antibiotic toothpaste, mouthwash, and tongue scraping, 2) antibiotic use. Disruption of probiotics by these forces can be restored by AllerPops® again. Therefore, AllerPops® target the cause of allergies. It helps restore the immune system to its natural state that is not sensitive to allergens. The allergy relief from AllerPops lasts much longer than that from symptom-treating medicines.

Watch an animated video to understand the theory behind the product. (3 minutes)

Read the illustrated story. (5 minutes)

Thank-you gift for sharing using #iTuneMyAllergiesUsingAllerPops

Sharing your experience not only benefit other people but also is critical to Knoze Jr for most customers do not have to buy it twice because of the result of long-lasting allergy relief. Therefore, we have started the program of #iTuneMyAllergiesUsingAllerPops to encourage our customer to share their experiences in using AllerPops. Visit this page for details.

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*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.