Get Long-Term Relief From Allergies without all the Side Effect

Are your allergy meds making you feel wiped out?

That’s what Jon was going through for the past 30 years!

He said, “I had been taking multiple medications… you know, a pill at night and then in the morning I’d take some more. The problem with that was that it was making me groggy all day long. Although it helped my allergies, the medication had major side effects.”

He tried AllerPops, he finally found some real relief.

“The difference between the AllerPops and regular medications was the side effects. The Allerpops had no side effects. That was a huge difference. And with the AllerPops, the allergies were completely gone.”

AllerPops Give You Long Lasting Allergy Relief that works!

Other allergy medicines just suppress the symptoms, but AllerPops corrects the underlying cause… Your immune system is hypersensitive.

No matter, if you have seasonal allergies or they last all year long, AllerPops will reduce your allergic reaction to pollen, dust mite, mold or pets.

And here’s the best news…

You Just take it at the Beginning of the Season and After That, You Don’t Have to Worry About It

“My symptoms started out pretty mild but got worse and worse,” said Hajni. “I tried the prebiotic lollipops in February. I took one lollipop and then I waited (for) five days and I took two more. But after that, my symptoms were really mild. I felt that it really helped me. What I like the best about the prebiotic lollipops is that you just take it at the beginning of the season and after that, you don’t have to worry about it.”

You’re probably wondering… Does it work?


More than 90% of our customers got long-term allergy relief.

And by long-term, we’re not talking “all afternoon”. We’re talking about allergy relief that lasts the entire season.

How do they work?

AllerPops® Prebiotic (food for probiotics) Lollipops were designed shortly after Dr. Cliff Han discovered the secret to gaining control of your allergies. (Read the story about the discovering journey on Los Alamos Daily Post).

Not having enough oral (not gut) probiotics causes allergies.

These probiotics produce metabolites – biological signals that tell the immune system to calm down. Without those metabolites, your immune system is on constant alert (in other words… you have allergies).

AllerPops® promote these probiotics to grow.

The probiotics are generally stable, stay at its level for a long time, and make the allergy relief last until next significant disruption.

Why don’t I have enough oral probiotics?

There are all kinds of things that we do every day to suppress our natural oral probiotics, like…

  • Intensive oral hygiene,
  • antibiotic toothpaste,
  • mouthwash,
  • tongue scraping
  • antibiotics

The good news is that your probiotics can be easily restored with AllerPops®

AllerPops® targets the cause of allergies.

It helps restore the immune system to its natural state so that it’s not sensitive to allergens. The allergy relief from AllerPops lasts much longer than that from symptom-treating medicines.

Each sweet-tasting AllerPop® is made with a patented formula of natural ingredients including sugars, amino acids, fibers, salts. All the favorite foods for the targeted oral probiotics. (See the back of package for the full list of ingredients.)

HIGHLY EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT in relieving allergy symptoms such as a runny nose, sore throat, headaches, coughing, irritated throat, and red eyes.

Because AllerPops make stable corrections in the oral microbiome that causes allergies, the relief will be long-lasting until the promoted oral probiotics are suppressed by antibiotics, excessive oral hygiene or community drift of microbiota.*

Get your life back with AllerPops® (Knoze Jr) Prebiotic Lollipops. Order here.

How to use it?

Read the User’s Manual or watch the demo video to see how easy it is to use.

Why does it work? (futher material)

Watch an animated video to understand the theory behind the product. (3 minutes)

Read the illustrated story. (5 minutes)

Sharing your experience not only benefit other people but also is critical to Knoze Jr for most customers do not have to buy it twice because of the result of long-lasting allergy relief. Therefore, we have started the program of #iTuneMyAllergiesUsingAllerPops to encourage our customer to share their experiences in using AllerPops. Visit this page for details.

*Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.