Frequently asked questions

What are the ingredients?


How many pops are there in a box?

12 lollipops in a box. This is enough for most people to get satisfied results.

How long can the relief from AllerPops last?

If you maintain a moderate oral hygiene program with regular brushing and flossing, the relief can last for a season for most people, longer than a year for many.

AllerPops promotes oral beneficial bacteria that will calm down the immune system. The relief should last as long as you have those oral probiotics at a sufficient level. Oral microbiota tends to be relatively stable without constant disruption. So the most important thing for the effect to last is to maintain the restored beneficial bacteria in the oral cavity and avoid the things disrupting them, such as antibiotic use, intensive oral hygiene including tongue scraping, mouth-washing with the fluid containing antibacterial chemical, oil pulling.

Oral microbiota in some people may change by slow community drift. These people will likely need to reuse AllerPops at the beginning of next season.

Can I take allergy medicine while taking AllerPops?

Yes. You may take allergy medicine before relief from AllerPops kicks in.

I have been using saline solution. Should I stop it?

Yes. A healthy nasal microbiota is important to stop allergies as well. Constant nasal washing may destroy the normal flora and make allergies worse though you may feel better right after washing. The probiotics promoted by AllerPops can migrate and live in nasal cavities as well and help to relieve allergy inflammation.

I am struggling with the research that verifies that bad oral hygiene is a major cause of heart disease. So how does one balance the line between keeping their dentist/heart happy but also not sterilizing the mouths defenses?

My observation is that excessive oral hygiene suppresses oral beneficial bacteria and cause allergies. At the same time, I should say oral infection such as periodontitis is not the solution to relieve allergies. On the contrary, Researcher found that there is some association between periodontitis and allergies. The hypersensitive immune system might contribute both oral infection and allergies; It is possible that AllerPops can be the one stone to kill the two birds. We promote proper oral hygiene, not bad oral hygiene nor extreme oral hygiene. Proper oral hygiene may reduce both allergies and oral infections that link to heart diseases. These are reasonable speculation, and more studies should be done. In addition, bacteria found in heart disease is Porphyromonas gingivalis that is not the probiotics promoted by AllerPops.

Should I stop tongue scraping?

Yes, we suggest not scraping your tongue regularly.

Should I stop flossing?

No, regular flossing is necessary for gum health.

Can I maintain my oral program of teeth brushing with toothpaste on days that I’m not doing the pops?

Yes. You can.

If there are cumulative positive results over time how long should I attempt to try the pops?

As a rule of thumb, you may get relief after using AllerPops for 1-2 weeks if you have only seasonal allergies and 2-4 weeks for year-long allergies.

Depending on how well the targeted bacteria respond to the prebiotic, it may take several (seasonal allergies) to more than ten (year-long allergies) days to get relief. If your symptoms have persisted for a long time, you may not feel a big difference within the first ten or more days. In most cases, one box of AllerPops should be enough. In some situations, you may need to buy an additional box if you’ve observed progress but are satisfied.

Does this work for food allergy?

No. Food allergy is more related to the gut microbiota. AllerPops is designed to promote oral probiotics.

I have been using oil pulling, mouth washing and tea oil to control my gum inflammation. Can I continue to use them?

We suggest you pause oil pulling, mouth washing, and tea oil application while you use AllerPops. Studies indicate that oversensitive immune system may contribute to gum inflammation. As AllerPops promote oral probiotics to calm down the immune system, you may see gum inflammation getting better together with allergy relief. Talk to your doctor if you have any concerns.

Should I continue to use peroxide?

Peroxide is a strong antibacterial chemical and may suppress the oral beneficial bacteria promoted by AllerPops. We suggest not using it on a regular base.

My allergies got better with first several pops and stopped to improve with more pops. What should I do?

This indicates you likely have reached the best relief with your own oral microbiota. For further improvement, you need probiotic seeds from a healthy family member who does not have allergies.

To do this in step 4, let a healthy family member suck the pop for two minutes before you take it.