Live Allergy-free, Anytime, Anywhere

How to Live Allergy-free and Cancer-free

The Speaker

Dr. Cliff Han is the inventor of AllerPops, a breakthrough prebiotics to control your hay fever symptoms.

Are your allergies making you miserable?

  • Pollen
  • Juniper
  • Grass
  • Ragweed

If you’re suffering from headaches, itchy eyes, and stuffed up sinuses… mark your calendar for

Time: Thursday, December 20th, 7-8 pm MST.

Location: Online; In person: ProjectY, 150 Central Park Square, Los Alamos, NM

It all started when Cliff’s son got allergies at the age of one. As a medical doctor, a biologist, and of course, a father, he wanted to find a solution. But how?

When he got allergies in 2014, he found the opportunity to find the answers he was looking for. He started studying himself and soon unlocked the unexpected secret to allergies. From that research, he developed his Theory of Negative Triggers (TNT). That theory led to the development of AllerPops. With AllerPops, Dr. Han’s family finally got relief from their allergy symptoms.

Understanding the Theory of Negative Triggers will allow you to gain control over your allergies, improve your overall health and enjoy life more.

In this seminar, you’ll discover:

  • Why we have allergies
  • How you can raise an allergy-free child
  • How to naturally boost your immune system
  • What to do if you already have allergies or an autoimmune disease.

Outcome: By the end of this workshop, you’ll be equipped with cutting-edge knowledge of…

  • How the immune system interacts with the microbial community to protect the host… YOU.
  • Tricks that will help you ward off common illnesses and fevers.
  • Simple lifestyle changes that reduce your risk of getting cancer.
  • How to balance your immune system to enjoy an allergy free life at any age.

   The program is informational and should not be used as medical advice.