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Dear Customers,

Your feedback is essential no matter you are satisfied with the product or not. Having experienced long-lasting relief, most of our customers do not need to come back. To sustain and improve the business for other people, we need your help in sharing your experience. To give you another reason to do this, everyone who participates the program of #iTuneMyAllergiesUsingAllerPops a thank-you gift of $5. To kickstart, the first 5 people will get $20 each instead.

Award criteria:

1. All previous and current customers with proof-of-purchase of AllerPops can participate. Each proof is valid for once.

2. The post contains #iTuneMyAllergiesUsingAllerPops and #allergies.

3. The post is consistent with the theme of the program, regardless of comments about the product is positive or not.

To participate, you may follow the following suggestions (Feel free to be creative. Text only is acceptable.):

1. 30 seconds selfie video before using the product to document the history and current symptoms of your allergies.
2. 5 seconds selfie video of eating the Lollipops.

3. 20 seconds selfie video after the last cycle of using the Lollipops to document the results.

4. Merge the footage and release it on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, using #iTuneMyAllergiesUsingAllerPops and #allergies.

To redeem the award: email to with the following info:

1. Proof-of-purchase of AllerPops such as Amazon order ID, the photo of the receipt.
2. The link to the relevant online post.

3. Choose your preferred way to receive the award: Amazon Gift Card or People Pay. Please provide us your email address associated with your Amazon account or your cell phone number for transferring fund.

Thank you for sharing,

Cliff Shunsheng Han, Ph. D.

President & Founder