Why You Have Allergy

An illustration for your senses

Once upon a time, Immune and Streponella lived together in a nice, warm house with many cozy rooms and hallways. Immune was the one who cleaned and protected the house from unwanted intruders. Streponella, on the other hand, with her gentle and peaceful personality, was able to keep Immune under control. And so Immune and Streponella were able to coexist serenely together. They were even able to entertain guests, on occasion, as long as they took care not to damage the house.

“Immune,” Streponella said one day, “Thank you for always protecting and taking care of our house.”

Immune laughed. “I should thank you, Streponella,” he returned, “for keeping me under control. Who knows what I would have done by now without you here?”

At that moment, Pollen came waltzing through the door. “Immune, Streponella,” she greeted, “What a beautiful house you have!”

“Thank you,” Streponella and Immune chimed in unison, “Please, make yourself at home.”

A few days later, Streponella was sleeping in her house when a robber by the name of Antibiotom broke in and beat her almost to death.

Thankfully, the ambulance was able to get there on time.

However, Streponella was still rendered unconscious and had to remain in her bed, unaware of anything going on around her.

Because of this, Immune soon became temperamental. He began to refuse any visitors, even when they meant no harm, and was found to be even stricter and more aggressive than he had been before.

One day, Pollen came around for another visit, unaware of Streponella’s unfortunate state. “Hello, Immune,” she said cheerfully, “It’s been so long since I last visited, hasn’t it? What have you been up to for the past year? And where’s Streponella?”

Immune, angered by Pollen’s positive attitude and the reminder about Streponella’s injuries, began to yell at her to get out of his house. He tried everything to get her to leave, but in the end only succeeded in nearly destroying the entire house. Finally, he slumped into a chair, with his head in his hands, and resigned himself to a life without Streponella.

However, all was not lost. A while later Immune was introduced to a young man named Knoze Jr.

Knoze Jr. presented him with a prebiotic lollipop he claimed would wake Streponella. Desperate and in need of new options, Immune agreed to try it on her. After taking the lollipop regularly, Streponella eventually regained consciousness.

Gradually, she became even lovelier and healthier than she’d been before her incapacitation. She was happy to see again the house she shared with Immune and was able to exert her peaceful disposition over the atmosphere as well, returning it to it’s original state.

The next time Pollen came by, with help from Streponella’s presence, she and Immune were able to make amends.“I’m sorry I was so rude and out of control the last time you came by,” he said.

“That’s okay,” she replied, “I’m glad Streponella has recovered and we can now get over our differences.”

The End.

Illustrated by Patty Martin

Meet the characters


Immune system


Bacteria that can pacify immune system.


Allergens, such as pollen.


Things that remove, kill, or suppress general oral bacteria, such as antibiotics and other intensive oral hygiene.

Knoze Jr

Knoze Jr Corp.

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